SEDEX LT-ELSD Model 90LT – The Ultimate

LC Analysis detector
SEDEX Model 90 LT

Designed to provide unrivalled sensitivity with absolute remote control, the SEDEX LT-ELSD 90LT is the cutting edge in Low-Temperature Evaporative Light-Scattering Detection. The small and stackable unit occupies only 10 linear inches of bench space and comes equipped with all necessary SOP protocols for GLP compliance and validation.

Sophisticated, yet with intuitive navigation for unmatched ease of use, the SEDEX 90 LT provides fidelity and performance in two simple steps:

1. Set the desired temperature

2. Set gain


Equipped with proprietary optical head design, based on a laser, the SEDEX 90 LT offers unmatched performance for HPLC and U-HPLC. A choice of six nebulizers covers the flow rate range from 5µL/min to 5mL/min, including a special U-HPLC and SFC nebulizer and can be rapidly adapted to meet your needs.

Control the system on-site or remotely with the help of specific SEDEX drivers and preserve the system’s lifetime, while minimizing consumable costs with the remote shut-down mode.

Benefits of the SEDEX 90 LT:

  • Detection down to the mid-picogram level on column (500pg for Stearic acid): enhanced sensitivity in HPLC and U-HPLC.
  • Dynamic range of over four orders of magnitude: enhanced determination of very low percentage of impurities (below 0.01%).
  • Direct linearity: enhanced correlation coefficients (R² > 0,995).
  • Peak widths below 1 second: fully optimized for U-HPLC.
  • Complete Remote Control: the gas, heater, photomultiplier and light source can be automatically shut off at the end of a series of analyses.
  • Excellent noise-to-signal ratio with the help of innovative signal processing algorithm.
  • Detection of virtually all compounds: detection is based on a universal property of all analytes and thus, does not require the presence of any chromophoric group, electroactive group, etc.
  • Best price compared to all other highest performance aerosol-based detectors.